As with all WordPress blogs and websites, the first automated post is the “Hello world!” post. It starts the journey off and is there to get you going in the right direction. Then it’s up to you to keep the journey going. When you are running a one or two man business and it’s not the primary income source, you might open your new business with “Hello world!” but then sometimes, especially with the plethora of content that passes through our lives on a daily basis, the blog and it’s entries or even the web real estate that it sits on become secondary. You’re busy creating the business, serving customers, coming up with new ideas that the “bread and butter” of today’s businesses – their web presence – get overlooked. That is what happened here. We got the domain name, created the site and then put it “Under Construction” and then went about our business.
Well, we’re going to be taking more care of our presence and paralleling what we put up on Facebook so that everyone can see the progress that we are making as well as the projects we are working on. We’d like to introduce ourselves (if you didn’t know us already!!). We are Champagne Faire. Owned and operated by Michel and Terry McNeese, we are a laser and CNC shop that specializes in custom design and construction of items for the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism – view their website here), for Renaissance Fairs and cosplay enactors. Along with that, we also produce contemporary signage as well as unadorned elements for local artists for use in their art. We are currently at work on a line of yarn boxes for sale and distribution at local art outlets as well as yarn and knitting stores. We are located in Clayton, North Carolina, and our shop is out of our workshop in the backyard. We anticipate that the workshop, to which we’ve added another attached building will be growing in the next year. We have entertained customers at our site although a lot of our orders come through the web as well as through Instant Messages and our Facebook and Etsy pages. We anticipate that we will be putting a shop onto this website as well as opening another website – Laser Elements – for the straight unadorned items so that people can buy stock items for use in their art, signage, etc.
Hopefully, you’ll find what we are doing interesting and maybe even become a customer. While the website is lean right now, we’ll be adding to it on a regular basis, so please bookmark us and come back and see the new things that we’re making and the directions that our business is going!!

Thanks for reading!!

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